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The ergonomic vertical mouse

Posted in Ergonomic,Mouse by Chetz on December 13th, 2007

Vertical MouseThe makers of the Safe Type Ergonomic Keyboard are rolling out what they call a Vertical Mouse designed to relieve some of the strain you place on your hand, arm and neck muscles while scrolling and clicking. It may look like a joystick but the Vertical Mouse lets you do the same things that you can do using a traditional mouse. The scroll wheel is positioned at the top of the unit allowing your thumb to do your web browsing needs. Nestled on the side grip are the right and left buttons. Unfortunately for all you lefties out there and customers of Ned Flanders’ Leftorium it only comes in a right-hand model.

With a one-year warranty and compatibility with all USB computers (including Mac but sorry, no Windows 95 or NT support), the SafeType Mouse goes for $74.

via Oh Gizmo and official site