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Visor promises pain-free dental work

Posted in Healthcare by Conner Flynn on December 24th, 2007

Visor promises pain-free dental work

Dental gadgets are nothing new. Does the iPod teeth whitener ring a bell? Well thanks to this device, which looks like Geordi La Forge’s visor on Star Trek: The Next Generation, you can have a more enjoyable visit with your Dentist. It’s never going to be a pleasure, but the relaxView B.V. display device is designed to more or less completely distract you. It rests on the bridge of your nose and covers nearly all of a person’s field of vision, while hooked up to a DVD player. Thanks to it’s design it gives the impression of looking at a 60-inch screen.

The idea is to completely distract the victim patient from the dental work going on in their mouth. There is a school of thought that believes that the slightest awareness of any dental procedure enhances sensitivity and increases discomfort. That equals more pain. If you block out all outside stimulus, it makes for a more comfortable dentist visit.

In all fairness this is like being distracted by a TV while a wrecking ball tears up your house. There may be something to it, but you are never going to be able to ignore it completely.

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