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Emergency adapter kit for electronic musicians

Posted in music,Musical Instruments by Conner Flynn on December 24th, 2007

Emergency adapter kit for electronic musician’s

If you are a musician, there’s nothing worse then showing up for a gig and finding that you can’t plug instrument A into device B. Your whole act could be silenced due to one missing little plug or adapter. Well, this nylon bag could possibly be the musician’s best friend, and save the show.

It’s full of necessary audio adapters you might never need, but you’ll be glad you have them. Just in case. The idea came from electronic musician Liz Mclean Knight, who put the kit together. You even get a red LED flashlight attached to the drawstring which should help you find the adapter you’re searching for in those dark areas backstage. The less time you spend searching for adapters the time you have for groupies, right?

[Emergencyadapters] VIA [GearDiary]