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The Jay Turser shark guitar

Posted in music,Musical Instruments by Conner Flynn on December 6th, 2007

The Jay Turser shark guitar

You’ve heard of card sharks and loan sharks.(Hopefully you don’t know the latter very well.) How about a Guitar Shark? The Jay Turser Shark Guitar is a fairly unique hand painted shark shaped guitar that would make any amateur want to play. It would even be perfect and maybe way over the top to have a shark guitar if you play your gigs on a beach.

It’s designed for young players of course and includes a strap and gig bag. This shark measures 37-3/4″ in length. A unique instrument like this is a great way to start that future rocker’s career. Years down the road, you’ll be wondering why his songs all seem to all involve fish. The amp is powered by a 9V battery so the guitar can be played anywhere. Pick one up for your kid for $149.99.

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