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iPhones locked again in Germany

Posted in Apple,iPhone,News by Darrin Olson on December 4th, 2007

iPhones locked to a single carrier again by court ruling in GermanyIf you were looking to take advantage of, or get taken advantage of depending on how you look at it, the very expensive deal T-Mobile was offering for unlocked iPhones in Germany you’re now too late. A German court has ruled that T-Mobile can indeed be the exclusive operator for Apple’s popular handset in Germany by ruling against a complaint filed by Vodafone.

Apple had planned to launch the iPhone in Germany with T-Mobile being the exclusive carrier much as it did in the United States, however Vodafone filed a complaint stating that the exclusivity went against German laws to protect consumers. The complaint resulted in a temporary injunction against T-Mobile requiring them to offer the iPhones unlocked and able to connect to other operators including Vodafone. T-Mobile complied with the injunction but offered the normally $580 iPhone in an unlocked state for $1460. Despite the high price Klaus Czerwinski of T-Mobile told ZDNet UK that there were still “many sold.”

Now after the court ruling in T-Mobile’s favor the company is offering Apple’s iPhone with three different 2-year contract options locked to their own network for a minimum of 24 months at which time iPhone owners can request to have the phone unlocked for free. At this point the only place to get a legally unlocked iPhone is in France but there it will still cost you close to twice the regular price to get the unlocked version.