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iMONO USB hub with individual power switches

Posted in USB by Reuben Drake on December 7th, 2007

iMONO 4-port USB hub has individual on/off switchesiMONO took the simple USB hub a small step further by adding an individual sliding switch which turns on and off each of the 4 USB ports separately. It also has LED status indicators for each port and for the source cable so you can see what’s on and what’s not at a glance. At first this might not seem like too handy of a feature but you’ll be thanking me when the person on the other end of your Availabot can’t seem to maintain a connection or you get tired of plugging in your eye massager every day. It also could help save some electricity by conveniently turning off those peripherals when your not using them.

The 4-port USB hub with individual on/off switches goes for a mere $10 from Brando.

via Engadget