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Dell launches its first Tablet PC – the Latitude XT

Posted in Dell,Tablet PC by Darrin Olson on December 11th, 2007

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PCDell today has finally introduced its first Tablet PC, announcing what looks like a very smooth looking convertible tablet called the Latitude XT. Although tablet PCs have been around for a while Dell has managed to add some pretty cool specs to this new model which make it stand out from the crowd, but unfortunately price is not one of them.

The touch capability is probably the most impressive part of the latest Latitude. Dell has some experience with touch screen computers through the XPS One they launched in November, and Dell boasts the XT as having “ground breaking” capacitive touch technology. The capacitive touch on the tablet’s display allows users to interact with the tablet and indicate input without requiring any pressure from a finger on the screen; only a very light touch. The hardware for the touch screen is also ready to support multi-touch in the future, much like you would see currently on the iPhone.

The touch technology features something called “palm rejection” which keeps the side of a palm from causing inadvertent inputs while writing with the pen. Also, that pen that comes with the Latitude XT doesn’t require batteries but still has an eraser and the ability to right-click.

Dells first tablet PC convertible comes weighing only 3.5 pounds with a 12.1 inch screen that is bright enough to be viewed outdoors. The base configuration has 1GB of memory, a 1.06GHz Intel Core 2 Solo ULV processor, a 40GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi and as much as nine hours of battery life. The company will have the Latitude XT available for purchase before the end of the year starting at $2499, which might make this cool-looking tablet a tough sale.

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