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Creative WiFi video phone: the future at last?

Posted in Creative,Wi-Fi by Conner Flynn on December 20th, 2007

Creative WiFi video phone

Sometimes it seems like we have been ripped off in regards to the future we were promised so long ago. You know, how we were supposed to have humanoid robots in every home and hover cars all over the skies. Those things are coming for sure, it’s just alot slower then we thought. At least the video phone is here and getting better all the time.

Creative’s WiFi Video Phone seems just like those futuristic video phones we’ve seen in movies and TV. It will allow you to have typical audio conversations as well as video conversations. Some of the specs are: WiFi, Integrated webcam, 7-inch display, H.264 video, VOIP, Audio and video out, Contact list, as well as a Calls list. No info on pricing or availability, but it should be fairly soon. Now, if we can just have these video calls aboard our starships, I’ll be a happy camper.