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Apricorn DriveWire – HD cloning made easy

Posted in Apricorn,Computer Components,Hard Drives by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2007

Apricorn DriveWire - HD Cloning Made Easy

Most of us have replaced a hard drive and have been forced to reinstall the OS and everything else. It’s a time consuming process when you think about all o. Typically only big companies have the software to clone your old drive to the new. Apricorn wants to change that. That’s why theyre bundling their DriveWire universal hard drive adapter with their EZ Gig II cloning software.

The DriveWire HDD adapter allows you to connect any drive, SATA or PATA to your computer through the USB port and access the data on the drive. The big difference here is that their EZ Gig II software is a bootable CD and lets you clone the drive connected via the HDD adapter. Pretty nifty. I could have used this recently when I upgraded my old drive.

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