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Animated tree face for a creepy Christmas

Posted in Home,Humor by Conner Flynn on December 6th, 2007

Animated tree face

The idea behind the Animated Tree Face is to attach it to your tree with the provided ties and let it entertain all of your friends. This thing looks like somebody cross-bred E.T. with a Chia pet. Your guests won’t know whether to be more scared of you or the Extra-Terrestrial that has taken your tree hostage. I just can’t see an enjoyable and delightful evening with this thing peering out at me, but to each his own.

If you set it to motion activation, it will tell one of 6 hilarious holiday jokes that it knows, or it will sing one of 3 song parodies. Or, if you really want to be remembered for many years to come as a total dork, you can use the included microphone to make it talk and sing with your voice. The mouth and eyes move and flash whenever it talks and sings. You would think that all this holiday fun would cost you big time,(aside from your dignity) but you can get it for $19.98.

[Lighterside] VIA [7Gadgets]