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Visuals analog USB Gauge monitors your PC

Posted in Peripherals,USB by Reuben Drake on November 5th, 2007

USB powered gauge with need for you computer connected via USBTake a look at this Visuals analog USB gauge used to monitor the power supply unit on your computer. The gauge has a dial and looks like something you’d find in an automotive shop but can be a very handy tool for anyone building and/or overclocking their computer.

The Visuals USB gauge has three buttons, one of which needs to be pressed in order to see one of three monitoring parameters. The gauge will monitor the wattage, temperature and fan speed of your power supply and is as simple as plugging it into your USB port. Unfortunately you can’t use it to monitor just any power supply unit, though. The analog gauge is only compatible with GIGAYBTE’s ODIN GT series of power supplies. The gauges retail for a little over $60, that is if you can find one.

Visuals USB Gauge via EverythingUSB