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USB-powered far infrared heat pad

Posted in Health,USB by Darrin Olson on November 1st, 2007

USB powered infrared pad for pain reliefWe’re often surprised here at the ‘Brick by the different types of things that companies come up with which are powered by a USB connection. Most do seem to make a lot of sense though; people are spending more and more time at their computers and most of these devices don’t require a lot of juice to power them. This far infrared heating pad is a good example, offering the benefits of infrared heat through the convenience of a USB connection.

The far infrared pad uses just 1.2W of power and comes with a single pad that can be used right at your desk for sore hands and wrists from hours on end of mousing and typing. The pad is 45mm in diameter and comes with a few disclaimers that we’re not accustom to seeing on USB powered gadgets. These include a suggestion to “see your doctor if you need medical treatment”, as apposed to trying to heal any broken bones or severe lacerations with this almost-invisible infrared light-emitting pad. Another disclaimer suggests that the pad must really do something, as they recommend not leaving it on any one part of your body for longer than 15 minutes. You certainly don’t see these kinds of warnings with things like the USB Fridge.

USB Far Infra-Red Pad