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Cyborg parts to keep your gaming skillz leet

Posted in Keyboards by Chetz on November 3rd, 2007

Saitek Cyborg KeyboardThe Saitek Cyborg Keyboard comes in that black-on-silver motif that tells visitors to your domain that you’re serious about your PC gaming. The keyboard has a ton of nice features that tell us it will be a valuable friend during our upcoming “Unreal Tournament 34″ deathmatching including having metal plating over the most commonly used gaming keys; multi-color backlighting which you can adjust for brightness as well as choose your favorite color combos; a dozen programmable macro keys; a wrist resting station; USB, audio and microphone ports and gold-plated connectors. So where’s the Big Gulp connection port?

Saitek also offers a Cyborg Mouse to accompany its Keyboard with adjustable grip, scrolling wheel and programmable buttons. Expect the keyboard to set you back $80 and the mouse $60 because cyborg parts are expensive.

Cyborg Keyboard via Engadget