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R2-D2 laundry basket robs droids of dignity

Posted in Home,Sci-Fi,Star Wars by Conner Flynn on November 23rd, 2007

R2-D2 laundry basket

There’s been a slew of R2-D2 items to come onto the market recently. Some of which must leave the little droid sobbing electronically in a corner somewhere. I must admit, I had never before thought about putting my socks and shirts, not to mention my un-mentionables into an R2 unit. It just doesn’t seem proper to degrade a droid that way. That’s why I’m convinced that this laundry basket must have been made by Jawas.

These are Japan imports. You get a set of two. One classic blue R2-D2 and one red R2-D1. This way, you can sort all of your nastiness into light side and dark side piles, then throw them in, disgracing our favorite droid.

They are designed with an interior spring metal support so they can collapse flat for storage. Yet another way to torment poor R2. When will it end? The soon to be moldy and funky laundry droids stand 26″ inches high and are 14″ in diameter

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