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OCZ ReaperX HTC dissipates heat with new pipes

Posted in Memory by Reuben Drake on November 11th, 2007

OCZ ReaperX HPC heat pip conduit memoryOCZ has a new memory module designed to take on the latest in games and memory-intensive multimedia programs providing increased memory stability due to these relatively large, wicked looking pipes coming out of it to help dissipate heat. The company is calling it the ReaperX HPC (heat pipe conduit) and it comes in capacities of 2GB and 4GB.

This new design has the conduit touching each individual chip according to the company, unlike previous models of the Reapers which didn’t actually come in contact with the chips. When we see these types of memory modules we always have to wonder however, just how much of it is built for actual functionality and how much is for show. The ReaperX HTC is rated at DDR2-800 with 4-4-3 timings and have Enhanced Performance Profiles built-in which make them compatible with the latest generation of NVIDIA SLI chipsets.

OCZ ReaperX HPC via FarEastGizmos