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Exmocare watch tells someone who cares

Posted in Health,Healthcare,Watches by Conner Flynn on November 23rd, 2007

The Exmocare watch

The Exmocare watch has a sort of sporty look, but sports is not what they had in mind. It knows how you are feeling and wants to send that info to someone who cares about you using e-mail or IM. Someone like a relative of caregiver.

The watch uses infrared LEDs to measure the heart rate and its variability. It can also process galvanic skin response that signals the emotional state of the wearer. Another feature is the on-board accelerometer that detects movement. When the Exmocare watch is worn over time, it learns to recognize the wearer’s baseline physical state. That’s how it knows when your vitals deviate too much. This could be very beneficial to those elderly who do not get checked in on very often. Though I am not sure they will appreciate the look of the watch, they will appreciate being monitored via it’s functions.

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