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Casio makes printing CD labels easier

Posted in Casio,music by Conner Flynn on November 30th, 2007

Casio CW-E60 Title Printer

I never use labels. I’m in the habit of using a sharpie when I burn CDs. The problem is that my writing is terrible. Lucky for me I understand my chicken-scratch most of the time, but sometimes even I’m at a loss. Printing out labels is a hassle. So the Casio CW-E60 Title Printer looks perfect for me. We all want more professional looking CDs.

It features a 200 dpi print resolution and uses a thermal transfer ribbon to print the label on your disc. Plus it comes with easy to use software to design your labels. It will also let you choose from 8 different colored ribbons for your prints. The price isn’t too bad either at $60. Sure beats trying to decipher bad writing. If you want it more portable, it can be powered using 8 AA batteries.

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