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SingStar PS2 Pack hitting shelves this weekend

Posted in PS2,Sony by Darrin Olson on October 27th, 2007

Limited Edition white PS2 bundled with SingstarThe Limited Edition Playstation two bundled with SingStar Pop that we told you about a couple of months ago is hitting some stores this weekend and Sony is advising customers to “get ‘em while they’re hot”. The SingStar PS2 pack comes in ceramic white which was previously only available in Japan (maybe we’ll get the white PS3 someday too?) and is the only way you can get your hands on a ceramic white model. It comes packed with the SingStar Pop game and two microphones, retailing for the exptected $149.99. The Playstation blog says that “some” stores will have it this weekend and will reach “everywhere” on November 4.

This week has marked the 7th anniversary of the Playstation 2 game console with Sony boasting over 120 million units sold in its lifetime. To give you a reference as to just how much this is, the original Xbox from Microsoft has sold around 24 million units in its lifetime. The PS2 continues to be one of the best selling game consoles on the market, consistently beating out the the newer, latest generation Playstation 3 in number of console sales.