Luxury RV with built-in garage

Posted in Cars by Reuben Drake on October 6th, 2007

Luxury motorhome from Volkner has a garage built in to store a car underneathI’m sure a lot of luxury RV owners have thought to themselves that they would love to bring their expensive sports car along with them on a trip but they just can’t leave it out exposed to the elements all the time. Well, we have one more major dilemma solved. This high-end motorhome made by German RV manufacturer Volkner Mobil has the perfect solution for all these folks by having a bay underneath the coach that can store a car. Vehicles under 16 feet in length can drive onto the platform which will then slide the car into the mobile garage underneath the RV and close the bay doors, keeping it safe and sound. This RV from Volkner was on display recently at the International Caravan Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Volkner Mobil via Hemmy