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Transformer makers

Posted in Toys,Transformers by Chetz on October 11th, 2007

a real life Transformer Citroen car in NanjingWe’re one week away from the “Transformers” movie arriving on DVD and we thought it would be time for a related story. A pair of gearheads in Nanjing must be really big fans of the Transformers franchise because they turned a real-life Citroen car and turned it into a Transformer-looking robot. The project cost the geeks in disguise about $8,000 while the actual Transformer model weighs in at 600 kilos. The thing looks awesome and more than a little like Bumblebee in the “Transformers” movie. Now if these guys could build Soundwave next they would forever be my heroes.

More photos are available at the first link while a video showing the construction of the Transformer is at the second link.

via Gizmodo and CNet