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rCard business card shows custom text, photos and video

Posted in Office Gadgets by Darrin Olson on October 13th, 2007

rCard from CEO IQ hold digital information including text, images and video and is the size of a business cardThe rCard is about the size of a thick business card at 3.6″ wide, 2.04″ tall and 4.3mm thick, but does a lot more than any business card we’ve ever seen. Companies have used credit card-shaped CD’s or branded thumb drives with data on them in the past to promote products and distribute marketing media but the rCard takes it a step further; probably a couple steps further.

It’s actually a little media player with a 2″ wide display and two buttons beside it for easy, intuitive navigation. Data consisting of digital text, photos, slideshows and even video can be uploaded to show off just about anything you would like, and can be added or updated straight from your computer through a USB connection right on the card. The internal battery is also recharged through the same cable and gives up to 2 hours of continuous use. Information can even be stored and time-released to allow companies to distribute information that won’t display until a pre-determined date in the future. Companies can also have the case shipped with a custom branded design for colors and logo.

The rCard does cost quite a bit more than a standard business card typically would so you probably won’t be leaving them in a fish bowl for any free lunch drawings, but at $40 it might not bee too bad of an investment for high-end products or key clients. CEO IQ, makers of the rCard, state that it comes with up to a 1GB capacity and have future plans to add passive RFID if requested and possibly speakers in the near future.

CEO IQ rCard