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Pillow stops snoring and gives you a massage

Posted in Health by Conner Flynn on October 4th, 2007

Pillow that stops snoring and also gives you a massage while you sleepThe Germans are always innovating. And while the typical person doesn’t normally think about cutting edge pillow technology, Daryoush Bazargani does. He’s the German scientist responsible for the latest computerized pillow that can stop you from snoring. The pillow acts like your mate and gives you a nudge by inflating and deflating different chambers. The result is that it adjusts your head and by doing so, clears your airways. It knows when you snore thanks to the encyclopedia sized computer that rests on your bedside table.

This pillow comes with an added bonus. The ability to give you a neck massage. That’s always welcome, by itself. But I have to say, the computer itself, along with the hose, looks a bit too much like life support to me.

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