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Nyko Intercooler for the Nintendo Wii

Posted in Coolers,Nyko,Wii Accessories by Darrin Olson on October 15th, 2007

Nyko Intercooler for the Nintendo WiiThis isn’t the first Wii cooler we’ve seen and probably won’t be the last, but even after the latest firmware upgrade and hot WiiWare games in the works, needing something to cool the console down due to intense processing heat has never crossed our minds.

I guess there could be a chance that your flailing around during game play could heat up the room quite a bit, or you have the Wii running in a small, unventilated cabinet or some other odd situation so by all means if you are worried about it overheating the device runs a very reasonable $15 and certainly couldn’t hurt. It connects discretely onto the back of the console and has a pass through power connection so it doesn’t require moding the console or even needing another electrical outlet.

Nintendo Wii Intercooler via Engadget