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Sanwa NT-MA2 2-in-1 mouse keypad

Posted in Accessories,Mouse,Peripherals by Matt on October 2nd, 2007

Sanwa NT-MA2 numpad mouseA mouse and numpad combo seems like a great idea for accounting work but from looking at the Sanwa NT-MA2 one question comes to mind: How careful would the user have to be to use the device as a mouse without hitting the keys? If you look at the mouse there is a “num” button and I’m making a leap here, but if that button doesn’t lock the pad from accidental triggering of the keys then this device gets an “F”.

So far I’ve not been able to confirm that there is a lock but I have to assume the designers would think to include one, so if they did this could be a very handy 2-in-1 device for people who deal with numbers a lot.The mouse is a simple style USB mouse with just the two buttons and scroll wheel. The 53mm x 108mm x 33mm mouse comes in silver or black and is priced at 40 Eur.

via EverythingUSB