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Lipstick MP3 player

Posted in Accessories,Media Players,music by Matt on October 12th, 2007

Lipstick MP3 playerTeenie-boppers aside, I don’t know anyone who would sacrifice utility for aesthetic gimmicks. I suppose there are people who want a wine bottle shaped thumbdrive, or a Darth Vader shaped flashlight but I don’t know these people and I’m very glad I don’t. But that won’t stop companies from coming out with cheap devices, the sole selling point of which is a gimmick like the following Lipstick shaped MP3 player I have to dub the most ridiculous item of the day.

The device has a mere 512MB of onboard memory, is equipped with a USB connector and voice recorder. It is being advertised as something for the “fashion conscious girl” which is as ultimately insulting as the device is substandard. Every female I know is in her own way fashion conscious and I don’t know a single one who would choose this device over the real deal because she feels the need to accessorize with her MP3 player. What’s worse is that, being shaped like a lipstick container one would think having this pathetic excuse for a music player would confuse someone reaching in the purse for the real lipstick. Verdict? The niche for this Lipstick MP3 player is unfashionable preteen girls who follow fads and after having shown it to all their friends the first week will lose it in a drawer somewhere.

via Gizmodo