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Whiten your teeth with your iPod

Posted in Health,iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on October 3rd, 2007

new iWhitening iPod accessory helps whiten your teethI kid you not. The first step is applying peroxide strips on your teeth. Then just put the mouthpiece in your mouth, plug it into your iPod, and crank up the tunes. This is the latest(and only) iPod teeth whitening system. It promises a whiter smile after just 30 minutes of music time.

If I understand the physics of this iWhitening, the music conducts through bone, creating vibrations that make the strips work. I wouldn’t give up regular dental checkup’s just yet, but it’s cool to think that music can magically “rock” your teeth whiter. You’ll want to use it indoors, as the weird mouthpiece will insure that people maintain as much distance from you as possible.

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