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Hug Shirt sends love through your cellphone

Posted in Apparel,Services by Conner Flynn on October 18th, 2007

The hug shirt reproduces hugs electronically via your cellphone.Everybody needs a hug sometimes. Love makes the world go round after all. But in this high-tech digital age, we barely have time to eat, sleep and enjoy our favorite blogs. Needless to say, hugs have suffered. They don’t enjoy the same care free social prominence they once did. Somehow, hippies and teenage girls have gotten through these trying times of limited embrace. At last, they can rest easy.

Now you can buy yourself a hug shirt and reproduce hugs electronically via your cellphone. The designers at CuteCircuit actually held several hugging sessions in order to map out the most crucial hugging intensity points. As it turns out, those points include the upper arms, upper back, waistline, neck, shoulders, and hips. (NOT some of the areas that us guys like to think are included.)

The shirt is equipped with “hugging actuators” at each of these areas that supposedly duplicate things like the warmth, pressure, duration, and even the heartbeat of the hugger. Here’s where it gets a bit creepy, though teen girls are sure to love this: If you have two Hug Shirts and a Java and Bluetooth enabled cell phone, you can hug yourself and your exact hug will be measured and sent by SMS to the second Hug Shirt, creating…You guessed it. A long distance hug.

The shirt is powered by rechargeable batteries and is non-toxic. So, if you are feeling hug deprived or want to be more giving of hugs this season, you can get this fully washable shirt for $300.

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