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Squeeze beam technology

Posted in Flashlights by Chetz on October 1st, 2007

Brando Hand pressing gun flashlight has laser aim and is powered by squeezing the trigger with no batteriesAim, squeeze the trigger and see what you’re looking at. That’s the concept behind Brando’s Hand Pressing Gun Flashlight, an illuminator that comes with a red laser sighter. Aim that red dot at where you want to illuminate your beam of light and then when you squeeze the flashlight’s trigger two white LEDs wink on. The flashlight doesn’t require batteries since it uses the kinetic energy from your hand squeezing the trigger to power up the LEDs.

The official website doesn’t say too much about how many squeezes you need to give the light to work but it’s probably more than a couple. If you’re in a situation where you need steady light for a long period of time I wouldn’t recommend this flashlight for the job but for something in your vehicle’s glove compartment it may serve well. For $10 what do you expect? For starters if you use it a lot you can expect large hand muscles.

Hand Pressing Gun Flashlight
via Gizmodo