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“Halo 3″ earns $300 million in first week

Posted in Games,Halo,Microsoft,News by Chetz on October 4th, 2007

Halo 3 earned over $300 million in sales the first week it was outRemember when we told you last week that “Halo 3″ made a stunning $170 million dollars worth of sales on its release day? Microsoft is back to blow its trumpet again: the first week of “Halo 3″ sales made the company $300 million dollars. Keep in mind that this game is only available for a single video game console, the Xbox 360. That could be why sales of the 360 have more than doubled in the past week as people open their wallets and purses to jump on the Master Chief bandwagon.

Microsoft also released additional figures on how well the online component of “Halo 3″ mania has struck the world. More than 2.7 million users have played “Halo 3″ in that first week or about 40% of all Xbox Live subscribers worldwide. Forty million hours of online gaming was played in those first seven days which, when you add them up, convert into 4,500 years of fragging. But where are the figures for how many cans of Mountain Dew were consumed?