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Posted in Accessories by Chetz on October 8th, 2007

Goldstriker pimps your gadgets in goldWe’ve already showed you one story yesterday showing off a gold and diamond covered MacBook Pro but if you have other gadgets not made by Apple and want them forever AU’ed now we know the source where to go.

Goldstriker prides itself on being a family owned business that specializes in gold plating whatever brand name electronic device you want. The company will take your Zune, iPhone, iPod or Newton if you’re old school geek and plate it with 24 caret gold. They also stand behind their work with a one-year warranty and they will also encrust diamonds on your swag if you want to go that extra distance. The prices range on what the piece of technology is and then if you want jewels on it or not, just don’t go expecting fire sale prices and you will be fine.

Official website via Gizmodo