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Deluo MouseGPS lures you into GPS mouse trap

Posted in GPS,Mouse by Nino Marchetti on October 30th, 2007

Deluo MouseGPSPeanut butter and jelly. Black and white. GPS and mouse. That’s right – someone has gone ahead and paired GPS technology with a computer rodent. Hold onto your wallets and read about the questionable new gadget known as the Deluo MouseGPS, priced at around $100.

The Deluo MouseGPS, which we first covered earlier this month, is quite simply a USB mouse with a retractable USB cord and optical scrolling. The quirky part becomes apparent when you flip the switch and it becomes a GPS receiver which “tracks 16 parallel satellite channels for ease of use in even densely urban or rural areas.” It pairs with Microsoft software such as Streets & Trips to help you navigate around town.

Now you have to ask yourself: GPS in a mouse? Did the designers think about the fact GPS doesn’t work so well indoors? I suppose if I mount the mouse on my dashboard as I drive around town I could use it while looking at my laptop screen (accident waiting to happen). If you dare, this product is available now.

Deluo MouseGPS

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