The write stuff for the job

Posted in Tools by Chetz on October 20th, 2007

Contractor Space Pen Tool can write any different materials and in cold weatherChances are that if you are reading a technology/gadget blog like the ‘Brick or any others that your day job isn’t too, shall we say, hands on? Not to be rude to our construction or contractor readers but most of us are office cubical dwellers and any physical labor we do is in our off-hours. This handy device doesn’t care if you need it 80 hours a week or for the odd repair job around your home but it’s worthy of the attention of both groups.

Say hello to the Contractor Space Pen Tool. This handy gadget is ideal for worksites as its makers guarantee that it will be able to write on drywall, wood, metal, glass, plastic and rubber and in extremely chilly environments (up to -50F). The ruler is marked off in centimeters and inches, there are two levels, a plumb and an angle gauge. The only things that the Space Pen doesn’t do is call home for you or act as a stand-in remote control when you lose your main one in the cushions of your couch. Weekend home reno warriors can easily afford this novel invention at a cost of just $24.99.

ComputerGear via Chip Chick