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USB to SATA hard drive adapter

Posted in Adapters,USB by Darrin Olson on October 26th, 2007

Brando USB to eSATA adapterHere’s another convenient solution for hooking up your bare external hard drives to your computer without having to buy and enclosure or open up your case. It’s not quite as slick as the Stage Rack we saw a week ago but it takes up less room and costs a little less, too.

The small adapter is called the USB to eSATA adapter from Brando and will connect your SATA or eSATA drive to your computer through the little USB 2.0 compliant adapter giving up to the max 480Mbps transfer rates. The adapter runs $15 by itself and $25 with the appropriate power supply for your country and makes the drive plug & play giving you instant access to its contents, and of course a warm whirling bare drive sitting on your desk.

USB to eSATA Adapter via Gizmodo