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Japanese dress camouflages you against crime

Posted in Apparel,Concepts by Conner Flynn on October 22nd, 2007

Designed by Aya Tsukioka, it makes you a human transformer.The Japanese are constantly innovative and inventive. They are basically tech Gods. And yet sometimes the concepts that they come up with come off as just a bit silly. Take this anti-rape/crime dress for example. Designed by Aya Tsukioka, it makes you a human transformer.

At the first hint of crime, simply perform some fancy clothing magic and disguise yourself as a Vending machine. Another option, if vending machines aren’t your style, is the Manhole Bag. Not a great name for a product that’s geared toward women in danger, I know. The Manhole Bag converts a handbag into what is supposed to be a sewer cover. It claims to even keep your valuables safe inside while in this mode.

Silly or inventive? I say both. But I also have to say that I wouldn’t want my life to depend on it. Your attacker would need to have some serious bad eyesight and depth perception to miss snatching you up. It does have a certain coolness factor though.

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