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Apple iPod vs. portable 8-track player

Posted in Humor,iPod by Reuben Drake on October 27th, 2007

Lloyd’s V128 8 track player compared to Apple’s iPodThe folks over at Retro Thing have recently done an impressive comparison of Apple’s iPod player and Lloyd’s V128 8-track player with some surprising similarities, despite the 40-year age gap between the two “white plastic music dynamos”.

Some of points of comparison we found most interesting include the price of music between the two players. When you can get 8-tracks at a flea market for a dime-a-dozen it’s tough for iTunes to compete, even with a DRM. Both players also will display the current playing track, have a big round thing on the front and hold the distinctive white colored design we’ve all become all too familiar with.

There are also a few points where the 8-track player really shines, such as the relative ease of replacing its batteries general repairs. Check out the complete side-by-side comparison at Retro Thing.