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Signs of a Zune 2?

Posted in Microsoft,Rumors,Zune by Darrin Olson on September 9th, 2007

Speculation that a Zune 2 is coming from Microsoft due to a leaked Zune 2 pricing sheetDoing our fair share of feeding the rumor mill today, a pricing sheet has been circling the blogosphere which lists Zune accessories appended by “V2″ (version 2), leading many to believe a second version of the Zune media player is in the works.

We did see a recent price cut of the existing Zune player which is a common practice to make room for the next model, which for us makes a Zune 2 rumor that much more plausible. (And of course the poor-quality photo always makes us feel like it’s a planned rumor.)

If you’re unable to quite focus in on the details, here’s an excerpt of some of the items listed:

- Zune AC Adapter (V2) – $29.99
- Zune Cable Pack (V2) – $39.99
- Zune Car Pack (V2) – $79.99
- Zune Dock Pack (V2) – $49.99
- Zune Home AV Pack (V2) – $99.99
- Zune Sync Cable (V2) – $19.99

Zumerama via CrunchGear

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