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Visa makes it easier to spend more

Posted in Accessories by Chetz on September 28th, 2007

Visa Paywave keychain1,000 lucky patrons at Wednesday’s San Francisco Giants baseball games were given Visa’s new Micro Tag payment device pre-loaded with $15 of credit. The keychain-sized tag contains Visa payWave technology which allows customers to merely swipe their tag over a reader at the point of purchase. The amount of the purchase is then automatically debited from the tag. It’s making purchases easier to do than swiping your debit or credit card. Cash? What’s that?

Users of the Micro Tag also get the same level of security protection that Visa offers its credit card users plus each transaction sends a unique digital watermark to the Visa payment network. The Micro Tags can also be manufactured in just about any shape or size, from larger three dimensional units to flat wedges. If you’re in a rush to grab a snack at a convenience store, an order at the closest burger shop or a video at your rental store this seems like a great idea. Time will tell if the public digs it or not.