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Transparent Toaster Concept

Posted in Concepts,Kitchen by Reuben Drake on September 3rd, 2007

Transparent Toaster ConceptMaybe it’s because many of us geeks heated up wires with electricity to create a make-shift toaster as our 5th grade science project, or possibly it’s that toast is one of the tried and true breakfast foods that we have trouble screwing up? Whatever the reason toasters seem to be a popular item with gadget lovers everywhere, despite a limited variety of designs available to consumers.

When we saw this transparent toaster concept we couldn’t help but share. It uses heated glass to burn a single piece of bread in plain view right before your eyes, eliminating all guessing as to what setting your toaster needs today to get it just right. How to clean it and where the crumbs go and how you get your toast out of it may still have to be worked out, but we’d be one of the first few in line to give it a try.

Transparent Toaster via Shiny-Shiny