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Suissa’s Enlighten PC is wooden and modularized

Posted in PCs,Suissa by Darrin Olson on September 28th, 2007

Suissa Enlighten is a modularized PC made out of wood separating the interfacing pieces from the processingSuissa, a company known for making natural wood encased luxury computers and components, has released its latest work called the Suissa Enlighten which has been under wraps until now. They company unveiled the modularized PC for the first time Thursday at IIDEX, showing off an expected quality wood frame in an unexpected, multiple piece design.

According to Howard Suissa, the designer of the Suissa line up, the Enlighten computer was created in an artsy fashion to separate the the parts of the computer that are interfaced by users such as the DVD drive and power button, from the parts that most users don’t often interface such as the processor, memory, video cards, etc.

“The design of Enlighten reflects the trend to separate our personal data from the immediate vicinity of technology. While Enlighten visually separates the processing from our input, they are fully present, because the memories we store on our computers, our photos, home videos, music and other collections, belong with the family, not in some Matrix-like concept”, says Suissa.

While that description is probably helpful for many, for the rest of us this stylish, media-minded computer comes encased in long-lasting, harvested wood with an Intel Quad-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, NVIDIA 8600GTX video card and a DVD burner, expected to be available this fall for a cool $16,000 each.

Suissa Enlighten computer

Suissa Computers Collection via TreeHugger