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Sling Media rolls out new Slingbox

Posted in Set Top Boxes,Sling Media,Television by Nino Marchetti on September 27th, 2007

Slingbox SOLOSling Media today formally took the wraps off its latest device for streaming home video to remote locations. The Slingbox SOLO is priced at around $180 and should be available now.

The Slingbox SOLO is a newly designed Slingbox which connects to a standard definition or high definition set top box such as a cable box or TiVo. It takes the home cable, satellite or digital video recorder (DVR) programming from these devices and streams it over the Internet to authorized PCs, laptops, Macs and a variety of smartphones. Streaming is reported to be in full VGA resolution at up to 8Mbps around the home.

The Slingbox products have been well received by consumers since first being introduced a few years ago. Though we imagine not all content providers are happy, the Slingbox is definitely a great addition to the gadget inventory of any home.

Slingbox SOLO