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Nokia E51 smartphone for business and pleasure

Posted in Mobile Phones,Nokia,Smart Devices by Matt on September 18th, 2007

Nokia E51 Smartphone for business use with a simple designNokia’s release of the E51 comes in response to the demand for business users who want a device that provides both the latest business technologies as well as functionality found in their private phones. Nokia E51 owners with Mobility Solutions will enjoy mobile telephony, email and messaging, office phone functionality while lightening expenses by consolidating to one phone number, one voice mailbox and one dial plan.

The E51 is a simple and elegant solution to an increasing demand for simplicity, with dedicated keys for quicker access to email, calendar and contact screens and a home screen displaying user selected icons to most used applications. An indicator light alerts the user to incoming mail from a number of sources including Microsoft Exchange Server, and the phone provides a streamlined email experience with easy access to attachments. The phone includes set-up wizards for simple step-by-step set up of these applications providing business users a smartphone that is easy to use, setup and maintain.

Nokia has also responded to the demand for a business phone with features not usually included on a device targeted for professional use. Music and multimedia players as well as FM radio are provided for entertainment and the device is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera. The Nokia browser serves up internet applications including integration with Windows Live and related services such as Hotmail, Messenger and Spaces. With the Via the Download! application, users will have access to Yahoo Go! WidSets as well as a number of other personal, travel and entertainment applications.

The Nokia E51 smartphone is set for global release in the last quarter of 2007 with an unsubsidized price of approximately 350 EUR (currently $485 USD)

via CNN Money