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MySpace unveils free mobile web service

Posted in MySpace,News,Services by Chris Weber on September 24th, 2007

MySpace mobile web service allows access and editing of MySpace profile while on the goFox Interactive Media (FIM) announced today that the popular MySpace social networking service has rolled out a free mobile version of its site available for use through mobile phone browsers while on the go. The new service is currently in beta with a wider rollout panned for the coming months with plans to show ads on the site to support the free service for consumers.

FIM is working with Millennial Media to sell and serve the mobile ads and have given the mobile version of the site a significantly different look and feel which supports showing the ads and makes navigation easier on the site through a mobile browser. With the newly designed service, users will still have quite a bit of functionality to their online MySpace profiles. MySpace users will be able to send and receive messages and friend requests, add comments, post bulletins, update blogs, find and search for friends and view or change mood status all through the mobile version of the site.

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