деньги в займ на карту

I’ve got to be somewhere when it’s 3 red, 4 yellow

Posted in Watches by Chetz on September 13th, 2007

Geomesh watch uses lights and colors to show the time.In the beginning there was the sundial to mark the hours that passed. Next came the analog watch with its winding gears and ticking seconds hand followed by the digital watch. You would think that telling time can’t get any simpler (or stranger) but then along comes the Geomesh watch from Tokyoflash.

The Geomesh’s gunmetal face is a mirrored grid of 27 LEDs running vertically and horizontally. By reading how many lights and what colors are arranged you can tell what time it is (sorry, not the date.) The watches come in either white, blue or multicolored light styles, so for instance if you bought the colored one a yellow light would demark 5 minutes of time while red indicates a single minute.

It’s water resistant, includes a one-year warranty and comes with a stainless steel strap and caseback. The watch strap is only 7-inches long so if you have a thicker wrist you’ll need to pick up an alternative strap before flashing it around at the club. You can buy it from the Tokyoflash website for ¥13,900 (which works out to just a little bit over $120.)

via OhGizmo