Aptera goes green (and saves you your green too)

Posted in Cars by Chetz on September 28th, 2007

Aptera 3-wheeled vehicle energy efficient carThis funky 21st century vehicle is the Aptera, a three-wheeled energy efficient car that will come in either an all-electric version or a hybrid model. You get a top speed of 95 MPH, zero to 60 MPH in 10 seconds it seats 2 comfortably (or 3 squished together). A solar panel on the roof is used to help power the climate control system inside. It uses RFID to power on, has GPS navigation and a CD/MP3/DVD sound system with XM radio too. Safety is covered by the Aptera’s twin airbags and a rear view camera.

If you throw down a fully refundable $500 now you can secure an Aptera when the vehicles begin to roll off the assembly line in a year. The hybrid model will get you about 230 miles per gallon and costs $29,900 while the fully electric model only gets you 120 miles before your charge is depleted (but you save on the sticker price which is $26,900).

For that kind of price the Aptera may be able to grab some attention as an alternative family vehicle. The fact that it also looks like it came from the future may certainly help if you want to attract the attention of passersby.

Aptera Motors via Oh Gizmo