Look at the Pretty Lights

Posted in music,Yamaha by Chetz on August 31st, 2007

Yamaha Tenori-On music sequencerThis funky looking device is Yamaha’s Tenori-on, a sci-fi looking musical sequencer that lets you create sounds and songs by merely fooling around with its buttons. Designed by Professor Toshio Iwai at the University of Tokyo (the same guy that came up with the “Electroplankton” game for the Nintendo DS) the Tenori-on is an aluminum frame with 16 x 16 rows of rubber padded LED switches arranged within.

By pressing one you not only create a noise but a burst of light as well, food for both your ears and eyes. The device recognizes how long you depressed the button as well as the angle of you holding it, both of which can effect the sound and light streams that are subsequently created. There are a couple of other buttons and a jog dial which allows you to alter the tempo, beat, effects and so forth.

The Tenori-on has a pair of stereo speakers built into it and a reverse row of LED lights so spectators can see the pretty lights you are making. You can hook up several of these things together to create an interactive electronic symphony or swap songs between each other.

Yamaha is testing out the market for the device next month by releasing it to consumers living in Britain. Price, availability and precisely what the specific launch day is for the Tenori-on haven’t been mentioned just yet but if you want one you’ll need to hit a U.K. store or know a friend that lives there and not in Japan for this product launch.

Yamaha Tenori-On