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Stapleless Stapler

Posted in Office Gadgets by Reuben Drake on August 29th, 2007

Stapler that cuts and tucks a flap of the paper instead of using an actual stapleMost offices find it hard to go completely paperless, but with this stapler you can at least go stapleless, ridding yourself of the need to rip off the corner or remove the staple from your papers before throwing them in the handy blue paper-recycling trash can. Just think of the money you might save on staple removers alone?

The Staple Free Stapler quickly and efficiently cuts a little flap in up to 5 sheets of paper together, folding the flap over on itself and putting it in a little resulting pocket which in turn meets the intended need of hold the papers uniformly together. The stapleless stapler comes in colors of black, blue and clear (smoke), retailing for a measly $5.99.

Staple Free Stapler

Flap example:
Example of the flap created from the staple free stapler