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Google selling overflow storage for online apps

Posted in Google,News,Services,Storage by Chris Weber on August 10th, 2007

Google has begun selling overflow storage for services such as Picasa and GmailGoogle has made it known that they will now be offering additional storage for their online applications, for a fee. Currently Google offers up to 1GB for Picasa Web Albums and as much as 2.8GB of storage for Gmail, all for free. When you reach your limit on the amount of storage space you now have the option of purchasing more which will apply across the different applications on your Google account.

The company is offering plans that start at $20/year for 6GB of additional storage and go up to $500 a year for 250GB. Right now the extra online storage will apply to Picasa Web Albums and Gmail, but in the future, according to Ryan Aquino, Google Software QA Engineer Lead, the storage will also be available for other online applications such as Google Docs and Spreadsheets.