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Acer to Acquire Gateway for $710 Million

Posted in Acer,Gateway,News by Chris Weber on August 27th, 2007

Acer agrees to acquire Gateway computers for 710 million dollarsThe little computer company started by Ted Waitt in a farm house near the Iowa-South Dakota border and later made the Fortune 500 has had an impressive 22-year run is now being sold to Taiwan’s Acer for a reported $710 million. This move appears to be a win for both companies as Gateway, although still ranked as the 3rd largest PC maker in the US (tied for 3rd), hasn’t had their best sales this past year. Also, Acer will now have a chance to have an instantly larger presence in the US market and plans to keep the Gateway and eMachines brands alive (we’re not sure about the dairy cow boxes).

The acquisition is expected to be completed by December of this year pending the standard international closing conditions. According to Acer this move will further increase the buying power and office efficiencies of computer components for both companies which according to us would likely result in more competitive computer prices for consumers in the next year.

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