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Nyko’s Wii Party Station

Posted in Accessories,Wii by Chetz on July 13th, 2007

Wii Party Station

The Nintendo Wii has emerged as the most revolutionary game console since the Atari 2600 because it’s doing what no other console in history has done: made it cool for the entire family to play a video game together. If you have any doubt of this claim I present to you Nyko’s Wii Party Station.

This battery powered hub of fun has four slots for a quartet of Wii-motes, a storage drawer for your nunchuks, four numeric LED displays so you can keep track of each player’s points and four cups that can be frozen to keep your beverages nice and cool while taking your turns at “Wii Sports”. That grill in-between the LED displays? That’s a fan that blows cool air to keep your hands free of sweat. This baby even as a bowl for putting chips and dip into. And at a low enough price of $24.99 this makes for an affordable addition to your Wii universe.

When’s Sony and Microsoft’s chip and dip accessory for their consoles coming out?

Nyko via Technabob