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Docking Bay BooM1

Posted in Dock,iPod Accessories,Speakers by Chetz on July 31st, 2007

TwinMOS BooM1 ipod speaker dockBritish-based TwinMOS has a brand-new speaker/docking system designed for the aesthetic needs of the iPod generation. The BooM1 is a 2.1 audio system that delivers 8 watts per channel and has a 25-watt sub-woofer that acts as musical meat between the slices of sonic bread. The BooM1 is completely compatible with all dockable iPods ever made plus you can connect other MP3/CD/mobile phones up to it via a connecting jack to share the tunes. A laptop or a television can also connect to the BooM1 if you want to view video or images via a connected device.

It comes in both white and black so you don’t have to throw out the rest of your furniture to fulfill your dream of a color coordinated living room. A remote control is tossed in with the speaker/docking bay system when you slap down your £149.99 (or about $300) for it.